Online media appearances are very important to every businesses today. Research shows that more and more companies are adding media appearances online as part of their marketing plans.

You should do the same.

The reason is simple. The largest number of consumers in the world today are younger and more media savvy. They are powerful because they control the online media space. No business wants to be left out of these market share.

Why You Need Media Appearances Online

More and more businesses wants to get featured online so as to influence the millennial market. Getting seen on podcasts, live streams, videos, and major publications online comes with a lot of benefits.

1. You become an authority in your niche

Who would you rather believe as a credible source for information: a known person who is featured on several publications and podcasts or an unknown person whom you’ve never heard of before?

When you regularly show up in publications, podcasts, videos, live streams, and any other form of online media, giving value consistently and sharing your story as an expert, you will become a known authority in your niche.

Because you’re where your prospects are and constantly adding value, you’re setting up yourself as an authority. People will trust you and believe you more than an unknown person.

Imagine been featured on Entrepreneur or Forbes as an expert. Just imagine the possibilities. I know this to be true because of my other features.

2. You get more eyes and leads to your business

No matter the type of business you do, when you are featured in a podcast or a publication, you’ll get more people knowing about your name and what you do. This in turn will translate to more leads for your business.

There will always be one or more persons that will be interested in your services after they’ve listened to you, watched a video of you, or even read about you online.

3. Your visibility on search engines result pages will increase

Have you ever searched for your name or company search engines such as Google? Do you like what you see? Whatever you see is what your clients or prospects will see on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The more media appearances you’ve online, the more visibility you get on SERPs. Online media appearances are good for personal branding and search engine optimization.

4. Your brand gets recognized

Brand recognition is one of the driving forces of sales. It’s been proven by research that brand awareness and recognition is a key component of marketing efforts.

Studies have shown that inexperienced consumers uses brand recognition in helping them in making buying decisions. To get this people to buy from you, you need to court their attention. A perfect strategy for this is through media appearances so that they get to see and know you.

5. More and more opportunities are opened up to you

This still get me every time. It’s more like a domino effect. Your appearance in one publication will create more opportunities for you to appear in other publications. And the chain reaction continues.

Every person or business that are serious about building their brands need to add media appearances to their marketing plans. This is because it works well. You need to start planning your media strategy now if you’ve not already started.

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Adeyemi Adetilewa

Adeyemi Adetilewa is a online business strategist, digital marketing consultant, cryptocurrency enthusiast and writer. Some of his articles can be found on the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Evan Carmichael, Addicted2Success, TweakYourBiz, Prsuit, LinkedIn, Quora and other publications. He writes about business, marketing, and technology.