I am Adeyemi Adetilewa, a copywriter and a B2B/B2C writer with a passion for all things business, finance, marketing, and technology. I am also the founder and editor-in-chief of IdeaPlusBusiness.com, a B2B/B2C community for entrepreneurs.

My articles have appeared on publications such as the Huffington Post, The GoodMen Project, Addicted2Success, Tweak Your Biz, Thrive Global, Evan Carmichael, Buzzfeed, The Ascent, Becoming Human, The Odyssey, Medium, and other publications.

I’m a digital marketing strategist certified by Google, and endorsed by IAB Europe. I’ve built several niche websites for myself and others where I test my latest SEO skills.

I can help you with your content marketing needs such as blog posts, SEO rich articles, compelling web pages, email copy, email sales funnel, and guest blogging services. And if you’re still not convinced on what you want, you can reach out to me to discuss your needs.

Some random facts about me

1. My articles have appeared in over 20 publications around the world including the Huffington Post, The GoodMen Project, and Thrive Global.

2. I was formerly the CEO of a PR and marketing agency based in Spokane, Washington (USA) for nine months before I stepped down voluntarily.

3. I am a blockchain enthusiast. I’m constantly learning more about blockchain and its uses in my free time.

4. I started three businesses (different niche) within 14 days which are doing well today.

5. I’ve been a dedicated fan of Hillsong United since 2007. I think I have all their albums on my PC. I would love to attend Hillsong (main band) live concert one day. High priority.

6. Don’t pitch me anything MLM because they don’t work for me. I’ve been involved in over 10 mlm schemes and they are all the same thing. Unless, you want to give me some money, then you can pitch me. I once lost over $2000 to an multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme.

7. I create and design websites for myself just for fun. I test out my new SEO techniques on these niche sites and see how far I can rank for certain long-tail keywords on search engines.

8. I always try to know a little of everything and a lot about my interests.

9. I write email sales copy and create email sales funnel for B2B and B2C businesses.

Connect with me


Twitter: @Stojay007

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/adeyemiadetilewa

Medium: www.medium.com/@Stojay008