Media appearances have not changed from what it used to be. It just got better by going digital. We live in a digital world where everything and everyone are connected together.

Online media are seen as authority –and in some cases with higher authority than offline media. What this simply means is that your appearances on recognized media platforms online is very important to your success.


According to Internet Live Stats, around 40 percent of the world population are on the internet. That’s over 3.78 billion people online at every point in time. These numbers is on the increase every second.

That means every media outlets online has the potential to reach these people everywhere they are in the world. Online media are perceived to have more authority than offline media because of their massive reach.

Unlike offline media appearances where the reach, conversion, and engagement are limited, online media appearances have a greater reach, higher conversion rates, and better engagements.

Overall, the results of media appearances online are measurable. There are several digital tools (free and paid tools) that you can use for this.

Offline media appearances are good. However, media appearances online are better –and for obvious reasons.

What are online media appearances?

Media appearances online are highly valuable and will continue to be very relevant to the growth of businesses in our world today. This is the only way to get noticed online and become an authority in your niche.

People tend to buy from who they know. Statistics from Nielsen shows that the most credible form of advertising among consumers is recommendations from friends. Branded websites are the second highest.

You need to get in front of people before they can recommend you. And appearing everywhere online is proven to be the best way to do this.

Online media appearances can be in different forms such as online magazines, journals, blogs, video skits, podcasts, live streams, social media, newsletters, etc.

The list is endless.

One of the most popular form of online media appearances is social media. According to We Are Social, 2.80 billion people are on social media worldwide.

Facebook, which also happens to be the most popular social media, has over 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with their customers. And more than four million of these businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook.

Blogging is another form of online media appearance. Not just any type of blogging but business blogging — which is on the rise.

Business blogging is a marketing tactic that increases your visibility online. According to research, a website with a blog have 434 percent indexed pages. Most online media appearances is as a result of business blogging.

Someone somewhere has a problem or need. You write or blog about the problem or need. You recommend a solution or you can solve the problem and meet these needs through your services.

They stumble on your blog via search engines because of an article which you’ve written about the need or problem (and sometimes with your solution). They love what they see. They recommend it to others. You’re seen as a credible source (or an expert). They recommend your blog and services to others.

More people get to know about your business. You start appearing in online magazines, podcasts, top media sites online, videos, live streams, on social media etc. As your media appearances grow online, your authority increases.

This is what online media appearances is all about. It’s simple. Anyone can do it but not everyone can do it by themselves. It’s stressful. It’s time consuming. But it can be done.

It takes time to master and implement effectively. If you get it wrong, it can ruin your business.

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Adeyemi Adetilewa

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